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When disaster strikes, competence matters; experience and excellence are the difference, and trust is the key. We provide free estimates, and our expert IICRC Certified estimators arrive equipped to remediate your water, sewage, or fire damage 24/7/365, so call us today.

We are proud to serve Salt Lake, Utah, Summit and Davis Counties. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all mitigation and restoration services.  Our speedy response time, typically one hour or less, and immediate extraction is urgent in preventing further destruction, to not only structural and personal properties, but to lessen the threat of excessive contaminates and long-term hazardous exposures.

We work with all insurance carriers.  Once you have filed your claim, our highly-educated project managers will directly bill your insurance company in order to eliminate undue stress and worry. Our thorough documentation of moisture levels, drying progress and digital damage capturing is all provided to your insurance carrier. If you are not working with an insurance company, we provide competitive industry pricing, and we offer payment programs to help assist with your troubles.


Water intrusion can come from many different sources, quickly damaging your home or your business. From a simple roof leak to serious weather conditions, unwanted water can severely damage flooring and padding, baseboards, drywall, furniture and personal belongings, and in severe cases it can destroy your entire structure. Regardless of the source of your water damage, after the initial shock wears off, you need to act fast to avoid potentially more serious destruction and health hazards.  Our IICRC Certified estimators will immediately respond, typically in one hour or less, and arrive prepared for immediate extraction of excessive water. 

Water damage can provide the necessary conditions for mold and mildew growth.  These toxic contaminates can lead to life-threatening medical concerns. Water damage remediation and restoration is urgent in order to maintain healthy living and working environments.  Quick water mitigation is also necessary in the prevention of further damage and loss.

Water or sewer damage is not something to be ignored.  Within minutes, what may appear to be a minor pipe burst, can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  Our highly trained technicians use only state-of-the-art equipment and modern-day drying processes to immediately return your home or business to its original beauty.

Our technicians are experts in all aspects of water and sewer damage remediation services.  This includes dehumidification, carpet, pad and floor removal, repair and reinstallation, mold and mildew remediation, sewage decontamination, as well as content cleaning and restoration.

Minimize your losses by contacting us as soon as possible to address your water or sewer problems. Our fast action and superb water damage alleviation will minimize potential health risks and further property destruction.


We understand what a devastating and emotionally catastrophic event a fire can be. It can wipe out years of memories and hard work.  We have helped hundreds of families and business owners renew their belongings and return to normal life following a fire.  Immediate fire and smoke remediation and restoration will prevent further damages and health concerns, so call one of our IICRC Certified estimators today.  

Smoke devastation is an issue that can be largely misunderstood.  Unlike fire damage, the harsh effects of smoke are not always visible, oftentimes only identifiable by an experienced licensed technician.  We have the expertise to manage all types of smoke destruction.

If your home or business has suffered fire and/or smoke damage, call us to quickly determine the extent of your losses.  Our highly educated technicians arrive prepared to deliver the most advanced cleaning and restoration techniques in the business.  With the use of only state-of-the-art equipment and our modern-day approach, we ensure that you receive the utmost in fire and smoke removal and repair.  We excel in the fields of remediation, deodorization, cleaning, repair, reinstallation and restoration. 


Rapid mitigation is essential for further mold and mildew prevention.  Your indoor air quality is easily contaminated with the growth and spreading of mold spores.  Indoor mold growth occurs in damp/wet areas without sunlight or air circulation, feeding and digesting as it steadily spreads.  Ignorance or unfamiliarity of mold and mildew issues can greatly increase your overall damages and costs, and pose potential health risks.

Our highly trained IICRC Certified estimators will assess your mold, mildew and odorous sites today.  We arrive prepared to collect mold samples, which are then sent to an outside laboratory.  This enables us to determine exactly the type and level of mold growth present, aiding in the remediation process and helping in the prevention of potential health risks.  Based on the testing results, a mold removal protocol is built and remediation and restoration begins.  


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) strongly endorses rapid cleaning of your ventilation system after a flood, fire or natural disaster. With every use, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems accumulate dirt, debris, dander, pollen, mildew and dust mites.  These pollutants spread, creating a breeding ground for mold, fungus and bacteria.  Recirculation of the harmful contaminate buildup directly affects not only the lifespan of your system, but more importantly your overall health and the quality of air you breathe.  We are the industry’s leading experts in air duct cleaning so protect your family and others from the harmful effects of impurities, and extend the performance and lifespan of your ventilation system, with a thorough negative air pressure cleaning.  We employ only reliable IICRC Certified technicians trained to properly and thoroughly clean your ventilation systems.


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